Second Son (PS4) First Impressions

I have been playing the latest in the Infamous series of games, Second Son from Sucker Punch (@SuckerPunchProd). In this game you play as Delsin Rowe a conduit who can absorb the powers of other conduits. In this game you complete various missions and side missions with a bit of a twist. You can take the play on the side of good or evil, or a bit of both.

The game is set in Seattle, which I have been to a number of times and Sucker Punch does an amazing job to representing the city. There is no way they could have put the whole city in the game in exact detail but what they did put in has the perfect Seattle feel to it including some very iconic landmarks. The graphics and lighting are amazing in this game and although the missions do tend to repeat themselves (one of the complaints I had of the first two games) I don't find it that much of an issue. The game controls really well and I find that there aren't a lot of complicated controls or awkward menu systems. I can leave the game for a couple of days and pick it up again without having to relearn how to play.

Currently I am two thirds of the way through playing all evil and I can't wait to finish and start again playing the good side. It may take a bit longer than I thought at first as of course I have to clear all areas and complete all side missions (OCD) but I really don't mind spending the time on this one. Great job Sucker Punch!

If you own a PS4, this is one game that you have to have in your collection. I will put up a more complete review once I finish the whole game.



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