Lumia 1020 Review

Thanks to @RogersBuzz I had the opportunity to try out the Lumia 1020 from Nokia. Before getting this phone I really thought there was only two kinds of phones, Android and iOS. I didn't really think the Windows phones were worth any mention. Now I realize how wrong I was.

When people ask me for advice about what phone they should get I usually try to class them as an iPhone or Android. IPhone is nice and simple, easy to use, and just works. Android is fully customizable, open source, and if you know what you are doing can be a great phone. I have a more difficult task now that I have used the windows phone. It is the best of both worlds.

The Lumia 1020 is easy to use, a solid phone both in construction and in the operating system itself. Like the iPhone it just worked. No matter what I did with the phone there was no slow down, no lag, and it handled everything I could throw at it. Like the Android the Live Tiles (icons) constantly update and give you current information. You can also adjust the size of the tiles. However it does lack some of the bells and whistles such as backgrounds and the ability to customize the looks.

The real killer on this phone is the 41 megapixel camera. Yes, I said 41 megapixel. The photos you can take with this phone are amazing. Most people that I show the pictures to cannot believe they were taken from a phone. The other bonus to the camera is that you can take a picture from a distance and zoom right in without losing any quality.

This phone also is Windows based so if you use Windows on your desktop computer, this might be the phone for you. It comes with Microsoft Office and you can actually use it on this phone. It is not too small or too big.

The one big drawback with this phone is the lack of apps compared to iOS and Android. But unlike Android the apps that are there work great, without ads, malware, and viruses.

I had a hrd time trying to figure out where this phone fit in, then I realized that this is the perfect replacement for the Blackberry as the ultimate business phone. Not enough apps to be distracting but something that just works. Syncs seamlessly with Microsoft Office, and still at a size that you can actually work on. I think if Microsoft plays their cards right this could be the new industry standard for business.


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