Blame it on Destiny

Hi all,

I have not really posted at all lately and I really blame Destiny. Yes, the Playstation 4 game called Destiny. I am totally hooked and spend most of my free time either playing the game or thinking about the game, or on the iOS app about the game, or forums (you get the idea). I normally don’t go really that deep into first-person shooter (FPS) type games but this one really has me. It is just so deep, there is so much to do. I have already completed the single player mode, and that would normally be where I would end with this type of game, but this one is different from the typical FPS. There is more to do and is keeping me coming back, and it even has me playing some multiplayer (or PvP as they call it in Destiny-speak). Normally I hate mulitplayer because I am total crap at it and get so frustrated with getting my butt handed to me every time I try to play.

I will try now to pull myself away from the game and try to focus on this more. If you really want to see how big this game is, in popularity, try a google search and you will find forums, apps, podcasts, websites, all about this one game. If pick up this game and start playing it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This can become addictive.


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