Music players. Are high end devices a new trend?

Lately I have noticed new releases of stand alone music players such as the Pono Player(about $400.00), and the high end Sony Walkmans (around $1000.00), and I am a little puzzled as to what the market is for theses devices.  Is there really a need for such a high end music player?  For me I would much rather trade off a little bit of sound quality for not having to have another player to carry around.

Obviously companies like Sony and Pono would not put out this type of product if they didn’t think they could sell them, so there must be the market.  How deep is this market though?  The Zune (Microsoft) didn’t last very long, and I don’t often see people carrying around iPods anymore.  For the most part I think people listen to music on their phones.  With the growing popularity of bluetooth speakers and soundbars, and music streaming services like Spotify and Songza, can a music service like the Pono store (a music store like iTunes) strictly for the Pono Player make it?

It will be interesting to see the future of these devices and services.


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