Sony Z3 Review


Thanks to the great people at Rogers, I was able to get my hands on the Sony Z3 for a couple of weeks. I really must admit that I didn’t know much about Sony phones when I first got it. I was used to the Samsung and HTC Android phones and even tested a couple of Motorola models. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Sony. I thought, first of the usual good quality name Sony has had with electronics, and I am a big fan of the Sony Playstation so I didn’t think they would put out a product that was really that terrible. Now I am not saying that the Z3 is a terrible phone, quite the opposite really.

When I first picked up the phone the thing that stood out was the weight. It is quite a hefty phone, but I think in a good way. The built quality seems really nice. The thing that I didn’t like was the fact that it was glass on both sides. I really hate seeing fingerprints, so that is one thing that really bothered me about this phone. It being black really shows the fingerprints on both the front and back. It does come in other colours so if you had the white, the fingerprints probably wouldn’t have shown up so easily. The band around the outside of the phone is a nice aluminum and feels really solid. The cover on the charge cover seemed very flimsy though. I felt that it was going to come off in my fingers. It didn’t come off, and to be honest maybe it would never have come off, but it felt that way.

The Z3 also will play Sony Playstation games, which is pretty impressive. At first I thought that this would be a great replacement for the PS Vita, the handheld standalone version of the PS4. This is just not the case though. You can play your Playstation games through the phone, but you have to be in the same network area as your Playstation (in your home). For me if I am going to play my Playstation, I will just do it on a bigger TV on the console rather than on the “small” screen of the phone.

Overall this is a really solid phone. Just don’t think that this is going to be a gaming phone. The great build and the camera are amazing, as is the screen itself, but the fingerprints on the phone, front and back made me want to continually wipe it clean and drive me crazy. It is true that perhaps the right case and screen protector might eliminate my issues with fingerprints, but I find that most cases change the way the phone feels and operates.


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