Apple Music

Well I really did have high hopes for Apple Music, the new streaming service offered by Apple.  I really did want it to work great for me, and given Apple’s track record with the iPod and iPhone, why would I expect anything less?

At first when I signed up, it looked great!  I was able to access anything I wanted, whenever I wanted.  That is until I went to access the music that was already on my phone.  When I went to do that, I discovered, to my shock, that it wasn’t there.  Instead all that was there was some song that I didn’t even realized I owned, and I didn’t even put it there.  So I went back to the desktop computer, updated iTunes, went into my library and put together a new playlist.  The old one needed updating anyway, so it was probably a good thing in the end.  Except I couldn’t create a playlist.  For whatever reason it wouldn’t get the songs in the cloud, put them in a playlist, and transfer it to my phone, even when connected by wire.  So now what did I do?  Moved on.

I use another music streaming service (Spotify) and yes, essentially it is the same as Apple Music, it works for me.  I can download music so that I don’t have to be online to listen, I can listen online when I have wifi or in the office and connected to the network that way, and now, thanks to Nike, I can listen to it when I am running.

Anyone else having these frustrations with Apple Music?  Is this just something that is buggy with my computer and iPhone?  Kind of makes me want to go back to Android.


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