Biolite Stoves

Now I am not a camper or outdorsy person so for me to have an interest in that kind of product it has to be pretty amazing.  I think this one is very amazing.

How many times have you been camping or hiking and realized that your only source of communication (cell phone, tablet, gaming system (ok not a source of communication but a necessity for a gaming geek like me)) has run out of power and you have no way of charging it?  What if you could charge while heating some water or cooking a small meal?

The Biolite Stove is the solution.  To be honest this should be a necessity in any emergency kit, hiking, camping, survival kit.  You can find all the details here at their website,  They have a small stove that is a little bigger than a water bottle, as well as larger stoves.  Basically you can burn small twigs, which powers a fan that charges a small charging station on the side of the stove.  The fan then fuels the fire to make it burn hotter and more efficient.  The web site is much better at explaining the inner workings than I am but I really want to get my hands on one of these.

Design for me is also a big draw and I really think this is well designed aesthetically as well as functional.  So check out the website that I mentioned above and check out all their other products as well.


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