Windows 10 Initial Thoughts

I have an HP Stream 7 Windows tablet that I love.  At least I loved.  Before I got the upgrade to Windows 10.

Now let me say that I have only spent a few hours with this since “upgrading” and I will put it through its paces but these are just my initial thoughts.

First, I will say that I like the initial looks of the OS, but I quickly found it a little hard to navigate around.  The little Windows icon in the very corner doesn’t seem to do anything, no matter how many times I occidentally press it thinking that it is supposed to do something, other than just turn blue.

The other thing that I noticed is big tiles on my home screen that seem to correspond with games and apps that I didn’t realize I had on my tablet.  Turns out they are really just ads.  When you click them, it just takes you to the Microsoft Store where you can purchase or download the app.  Great, an ad.  When I try to “unpin” or remove the tile from my home screen it just ignores me and keeps it there.  That is until I go offline and then they disappear completetly.  I also have a tile telling me to “get Office”, which kind of scared me because I already have Office and I quickly confirmed that it is still there and works fine.  I just don’t need the “ad”.

Even switching do different programs and bringing up menus seems to be slow and “sticky”.  There have also been a couple of times where I had messages telling me that Cortana had a critical issue and had to restart my tablet.  To my knowledge “Cortana” (Windows version of Siri) is not available in Canada yet due to language issues (whatever that means).  To be clear I have next to no files, music, movies, or apps on this tablet.  It is pretty much stock so it isn’t bogged down with too much “stuff”.

At this point I am not all that impressed with Windows 10.  I will give it more time, maybe it will grow on me.  I also understand that this is a new product and it will take time for Microsoft to get the initial bugs out.

Anyone else updated to Windows 10?  Any thoughts on it?  Any comments or questions would be greatly appreciated.


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