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I really have been trying my best lately to keep this blog updated, sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas.  Sometimes I come up with thoughts and I think I will remember them later, the truth is, I usually forget.  Or I overthink the idea and just decided to drop it all together.  Right now I am looking for a tool or perhaps an app that will help me record ideas for later use.  To be honest, I am probably using an app that does what I need and I don’t even know it.

An example of something that already have is Evernote.  In the past I have used it and lost interest.  Lately though I have gone back to it and found it extremely useful.  I guess it is all in how you learn to use it and how helpful it is to you in your daily life.  I like Evernote for projects that I have and keeping track of where I am with them.  For instance I just recently moved house as well as getting in contractors to do work on the new place.  It is amazing and keeping track of phone calls, quotes, project dates.  I even use it now for shopping lists.

OneNote from Microsoft is also an amazing product, but I really don’t want to have to pay a subscription for something when I can use another product for free.  I have OneNote at work and it is fine for that, I just don’t use it for anything outside of work.

The good old fashioned pen and paper work great, provided I have them with me.  Also provided I have time and space to pull them out and a place to write.  The same really goes for the tablet.  I love my tablet and it is great to write on, just not good for on the fly.

What do others use?  Do you get ideas on the fly and just try and remember them?  Or do you have a tool that you use and can recommend?  Please leave a like or comment on this page.


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