Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

I was going to post on this game a while ago as I just wanted to have a look at it to see if I really liked it enough to post about it.  I have played previous versions of this game in the past and had quickly given up due to lack of interest and the sometimes repetitive nature of the game.  So really I had no allegiances to this game at all, in fact I was actually expecting to hate this game and not give it much play.

The truth is, I love this game and it has become one of my favourites of all time.  I think it is the combination of story, setting, variation of things to do, and just visual beauty.  The story is compelling to me and one that I actually care about.  One that keeps me going to the very end.  Sometimes in large games like this I find it hard to care about the story, or just find myself losing interest all together.  This one has kept me engaged and wanting to play more.

The setting is Victorian London, and while it is not exactly brick for brick, it is still an amazing representation and beautifully done.  The city is large enough that to get from one side of the other you do need to get a carriage to get around, but not too large to groan every time you have to get to another part of town.

The other thing I like is that depending on my mood, it gives me a choice of what I want to do during my play session.  I can go through story mode, side missions, conquer the different boroughs that are controlled by other gangs, or just go after all the little items that you need to find (chests, pressed flowers, posters, etc.).

The telling factor for me is that I have finished the story mode and I am still playing, finding all the items, conquering the rest of the areas, and doing side missions that I missed doing already.

This is one game that I would have passed up based on my previous bias toward the other iterations of this game but I am glad I took the chance and have this a play.



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