Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

I was going to post on this game a while ago as I just wanted to have a look at it to see if I really liked it enough to post about it.  I have played previous versions of this game in the past and had quickly given up due to lack of interest and the sometimes repetitive nature of the game.  So really I had no allegiances to this game at all, in fact I was actually expecting to hate this game and not give it much play.

The truth is, I love this game and it has become one of my favourites of all time.  I think it is the combination of story, setting, variation of things to do, and just visual beauty.  The story is compelling to me and one that I actually care about.  One that keeps me going to the very end.  Sometimes in large games like this I find it hard to care about the story, or just find myself losing interest all together.  This one has kept me engaged and wanting to play more.

The setting is Victorian London, and while it is not exactly brick for brick, it is still an amazing representation and beautifully done.  The city is large enough that to get from one side of the other you do need to get a carriage to get around, but not too large to groan every time you have to get to another part of town.

The other thing I like is that depending on my mood, it gives me a choice of what I want to do during my play session.  I can go through story mode, side missions, conquer the different boroughs that are controlled by other gangs, or just go after all the little items that you need to find (chests, pressed flowers, posters, etc.).

The telling factor for me is that I have finished the story mode and I am still playing, finding all the items, conquering the rest of the areas, and doing side missions that I missed doing already.

This is one game that I would have passed up based on my previous bias toward the other iterations of this game but I am glad I took the chance and have this a play.


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What To Do With CDs

I have a whole bin full of CDs just sitting in the garage and I have no idea what to do with them. I keep thinking that I might use them one day. Then Spotify came along and now I have access to all those CDs without even needing the CDs. In fact there are only a few places in the house that might actually be capable of playing an audio CD, the Playstation 4 and the vehicles.

I could give them to a charity of some kind, but I am not sure my taste in music would help anyone out. I don’t think I have purchased a CD in a number of years so the collection would be pretty dated by now. I could throw them out into the garbage but I can’t bring myself to do that. It just seems like such a waste, plus there is something in me that just can’t throw music away. I could use them and the jewel cases as coasters but who needs hundreds of coasters? I could put them up for sale online but I really don’t to go through them all one by one. I would love someone to just take the whole box for one price where I don’t have to sort them one by one.

What would you do with your CDs? Do you still listen to them or have you moved on to digital media as well?

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On Adele not releasing new album on streaming sites

Today is the day the new album by Adele titled 25 releases to the general public.  For some reason her people have decided not to release the album to streaming music sites Spotify, and Apple Music, apparently in an attempt to drive sales of the album up.

This is an interesting decision.  Is this going to play out they way they want, or drive potential fans away?  Personally I will wait to see if it comes to Spotify (my streaming service of choice) and I will choose not to purchase the album.

What do other people think?  Is this going to work and boost her sales or are people just going to wait it out?  Is she going against the tidal wave that is streaming music services, only to get pulled under?

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More to come

Hi all,

I know posting has been sparse lately.  I am hoping to pick it up in the next little while.  I have been promising a post on my switch from iPhone (iOS) back to Android.  That is almost ready to post.

I will also be posting my first impressions of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

Thank you all for your patience.

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Blogging Ideas

I really have been trying my best lately to keep this blog updated, sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas.  Sometimes I come up with thoughts and I think I will remember them later, the truth is, I usually forget.  Or I overthink the idea and just decided to drop it all together.  Right now I am looking for a tool or perhaps an app that will help me record ideas for later use.  To be honest, I am probably using an app that does what I need and I don’t even know it.

An example of something that already have is Evernote.  In the past I have used it and lost interest.  Lately though I have gone back to it and found it extremely useful.  I guess it is all in how you learn to use it and how helpful it is to you in your daily life.  I like Evernote for projects that I have and keeping track of where I am with them.  For instance I just recently moved house as well as getting in contractors to do work on the new place.  It is amazing and keeping track of phone calls, quotes, project dates.  I even use it now for shopping lists.

OneNote from Microsoft is also an amazing product, but I really don’t want to have to pay a subscription for something when I can use another product for free.  I have OneNote at work and it is fine for that, I just don’t use it for anything outside of work.

The good old fashioned pen and paper work great, provided I have them with me.  Also provided I have time and space to pull them out and a place to write.  The same really goes for the tablet.  I love my tablet and it is great to write on, just not good for on the fly.

What do others use?  Do you get ideas on the fly and just try and remember them?  Or do you have a tool that you use and can recommend?  Please leave a like or comment on this page.

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Windows 10 Initial Thoughts

I have an HP Stream 7 Windows tablet that I love.  At least I loved.  Before I got the upgrade to Windows 10.

Now let me say that I have only spent a few hours with this since “upgrading” and I will put it through its paces but these are just my initial thoughts.

First, I will say that I like the initial looks of the OS, but I quickly found it a little hard to navigate around.  The little Windows icon in the very corner doesn’t seem to do anything, no matter how many times I occidentally press it thinking that it is supposed to do something, other than just turn blue.

The other thing that I noticed is big tiles on my home screen that seem to correspond with games and apps that I didn’t realize I had on my tablet.  Turns out they are really just ads.  When you click them, it just takes you to the Microsoft Store where you can purchase or download the app.  Great, an ad.  When I try to “unpin” or remove the tile from my home screen it just ignores me and keeps it there.  That is until I go offline and then they disappear completetly.  I also have a tile telling me to “get Office”, which kind of scared me because I already have Office and I quickly confirmed that it is still there and works fine.  I just don’t need the “ad”.

Even switching do different programs and bringing up menus seems to be slow and “sticky”.  There have also been a couple of times where I had messages telling me that Cortana had a critical issue and had to restart my tablet.  To my knowledge “Cortana” (Windows version of Siri) is not available in Canada yet due to language issues (whatever that means).  To be clear I have next to no files, music, movies, or apps on this tablet.  It is pretty much stock so it isn’t bogged down with too much “stuff”.

At this point I am not all that impressed with Windows 10.  I will give it more time, maybe it will grow on me.  I also understand that this is a new product and it will take time for Microsoft to get the initial bugs out.

Anyone else updated to Windows 10?  Any thoughts on it?  Any comments or questions would be greatly appreciated.

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